Muddy Mates

A Mudtastic day out with Friends and Family


Check back with us as we will be updating the live music programme soon.

We are busy filling in the entertainment for the day.  

The event will be open from 10:00-20:00.

Plan for a full day of fun!

Write to us if you're interested in performing.  Send a note to

Live music programme by

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DJ Pat

DJ Pat

"Diversity" seems to be the keyword when it comes to the music choices of DJ Pat. This Amsterdam- based DJ has played a broad range of styles over the years, from Indie Dance, Nu Disco, Deep House, Electro, Dubstep, Hip Hop, Reggae, Funk, 80s, Punk, Rock, UK Bass, Trap, Chillwave to Drum & Bass. His hunger for new music keeps his sets always updated with the freshest tunes around. For Muddy Mates he is going to show his love for rock ’n roll and get you ready for some mud! 


Guilty Pleasures!

After a day racing through mud Miss D’issi & Anna will enhance that feeling off shameless fun with music who everybody knows, secretly sings along in your car and haven’t heard since high school! (Or have you?) From Wham! to Dolly Parton, the soundtrack of Baywatch, Spicegirls or Cher, the Guilty Pleasures DJ’s will be shameless and so should you!


The guys from Julius were all no stranger to the music business, played in various bands, got various successes but were all missing one thing: making music carefree! In April they will release there first single Back in the days, but first they will be coming to rock the Muddy Mates live stage with their strong pop music!

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