Muddy Mates

A Mudtastic day out with Friends and Family


Crawling Mud Pit

Why wait to splash around--it's hands and knees time in the first pit. Once you're dirty, the rest of the course is smooth sailing.

Torture Tunnels

Well, not really torture unless you're scared of tunnels! They don't last long though, just get low and crawl through.

Climbing Walls

Stay with your mates as they will be there to help you over the climbing wall. Advice: Once on top of the wall, use the hay bales to make the landing easier.

Canal Run

This one might be tougher than it looks, lift the feet and go. Try not to drink the canal juice!

Hop-along Tires

Figure out your own way to get through 80-100 tires. Knees up!

Mudpit #2

Feeling too clean? Don't worry, this pit will help that. Can you move forward on your elbows?

Rope Canal Cross

Rope, inflated steps across a canal. Don't fall in! Just imagine the muddy possibilities that wait for you on the other side.

Climbing Tower and Mud Slide

The perfect reward for crossing the canal. Climb the tower and slide your way down. This will be a blast.

Hay Bale Zig Zag

Just a few little farm obstacles to break your speed. Will you jump them, run through or run around?

Bubblegum Mud Alley

It's called bubblegum mud because it's sticky like chewing gum. Are your shoelaces tight? If not, we'll find them in the mud after you run across.

Small Climbing Walls

By this time, you'll be happy you are running with mates. If the arms and legs are burning, this short wall will put some more pressure on them. Ask for a boost if you need help..


Barefoot or not, the last obstacle asks for flexibility and strategy. Climb and crawl your way through a spiderweb made of rope. Believe us, this will drain the final bits of energy to make the drink at the finish taste even better. Get through it and your fans will be ready to cheer you across the line.

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