Muddy Mates

A Mudtastic day out with Friends and Family


Food Trucks

The food trucks are coming!

Work up an appetite and refuel by visiting our food trucks. Try our bbq and burgers with mud sauce, muddy shakes.  Quench your thirst with a full variety of cold beer, soft drinks, juices and smoothies.

See our full menu below:

  1. Butcher & Co – BBQ Burgers with mud sauce
  2. Salads & Co. – Salads shakers
    • Caprese
    • Nicoise
    • Caesar
  3. Asian & Co – Asian sate pistolet with a choice of fresh toppings like pickels, fried onions and chilli

Showers and Lockers!

Showers will be provided so bring a change of clothes. ABN AMRO will be providing lockers to store your valuables and there will be plenty of entertainment after the run to enjoy!  You can reserve your locker now at

Book your ABN AMRO Locker

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