Muddy Mates

A Mudtastic day out with Friends and Family


Get prepared and keep up to date with all the latest and greatest info in the lead up to Muddy Mates. It's going to be a fun filled day!

Tue 15 Apr 2014

5 FAQ's about Mud Races

Get some last minute tips about running a mud race (especially Muddy Mates).

Wed 02 Apr 2014

Gear must haves for Muddy Mates

So you've had a perfect preparation and you are ready for the race. Good for you! But which gear do you need to enjoy Muddy mates to the max?

Mon 10 Mar 2014

Muddy Mates get fit plan

Get ready for a 5k mud run with our Muddy Mates get fit plan. Each week we publish a work out routine from our very own fitness partner Fitmundo. Even if you start late there are some great tips to be had.

Mon 03 Mar 2014

Top 10 Nutrition Tips

Good nutrition can provide the right fuel for you and your muddy mates during your pre-race training. To guide you through the hurdles, our staff nutritionist Nicola Tordoff has put together her top ten Muddy Mates nutrition tips, which will ensure that you and your mates are fuelling and nourishing your body to support your muddy training.

Wed 26 Feb 2014

Be Veronica van Hoogdalem’s Muddy Mate!

Muddy Mates is proud to announce TV-personality Veronica van Hoogdalem as the latest addition to the Muddy Mates team.

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