Muddy Mates

A Mudtastic day out with Friends and Family

About Muddy Mates

Muddy Mates Mud Run Challenge

Teams of two (or more!) run together across 12 military-inspired obstacles. The spirit of the run is teamwork, so mates need to stay together and help each other through the course.


A series of 12 challenging but doable obstacles will spread throughout the course. The spirit of Muddy Mates is about "active, social fun". Keep an eye out for someone in need of help clearing an obstacle. Who knows, they might help you next! Click here to learn more about the obstacles.

Mini Muddy Mates

Kids need to get in on the action too. The Mini Muddy Mates offers a chance for the little ones (4-11yr) to get muddy! Click here to find out how they can enter.

The Rules

First off, this is not a race, it's a challenge. Muddy Mates is about active, social, fun. We love healthy competition and want people to push themselves. Most off all, we want to people to support each other.

Safety is number 1. If we believe there is an unsafe situation developing, our staff reserves the right to close any obstacle or portion of the course at anytime during the race without notice. Please use your best judgment at all times and if something appears too hazardous for your abilities you may always walk around the obstacles.

Muddy Mates Mud Run Challenge

  • Must be 12 years old to participate
  • Must run the obstacle course with your mate or mates
  • Some obstacles may require both Mates to complete
  • Helmets are optional but not required

Muddy Mates Policies
All entries are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Changing your Mate:

We will accommodate switching ONE mate per team. Team registration cannot be transferred to two completely new participants. You’ll need all of your mates information to fill it out, but we’ll add them to your team, and get you hooked up with your new partner! Send us an email to

  • These requests must be received one week before race day in order to be valid.
  • If you need to switch your mate race week; see us at the solutions tent when you pick up your packet and we can accommodate your request.

Natural Disaster Policy:
If an Act of God/Terrorism/Community Disaster occurs, what actions are taken?
We will make decisions based on safety first.
Races will be altered as seen fit.
Athletes in that race will have first right to sign-up for that event the next year
Financial: Muddy Mates cannot accept the risk of a disaster for everyone.
Each athlete needs to accept the risk of his or her entry fee. There will be NO
REFUNDS or free entries to other future races. The money you paid is spent
developing the race.

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